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RankCave NameLength (km)Vertical Range (m)RegionTypeMore Info
1Three Counties System86.619253Northern DalesAll caveShort description
2Ogof Draenen70151South WalesAll caveShort description
3Ogof Ffynnon Ddu60.644309.5South WalesAll caveShort description
4Agen Allwedd32.8160South WalesAll caveShort description
5Ogof Daren Cilau System28232South WalesAll caveShort description
6Kingsdale Master Cave27165Northern DalesAll caveShort description
7Clearwell Caves24107Forest Of DeanPart mineShort description
8Gaping Gill System21192Northern DalesAll caveShort description
9Peak Cavern - Speedwell Cavern17.75248Peak DistrictPart mineShort description
10Dan-Yr-Ogof16150South WalesAll caveShort description
11Poulnagollum - Poulelva16140Co. ClareAll caveShort description
12Slaughter Stream Cave14100Forest Of DeanAll caveShort description
13Hudgill Burn Mine Caverns13.244< 60Northern DalesPart mineShort description
14Marble Arch - Upper Cradle - Lower Cradle - Prod's Pot - Cascades Rising11.5< 60Co. FermanaghAll cave
15Mossdale Caverns10.560Northern DalesAll caveShort description
16Doolin Cave10.5< 60Co. ClareAll caveShort description
17Lancliffe Pot9.6116Northern DalesAll cave
18Swildon's Hole9.41167MendipAll caveShort description
19Carno8.963South WalesAll caveShort description
20Little Neath River Cave8.8125South WalesAll caveShort description
21Ogof Craig A Ffynnon8115South WalesAll caveShort description
22St. Cuthbert's Swallet7.103145MendipAll caveShort description
23The Goyden System7.1< 60Northern DalesAll caveShort description
24Gingling Hole6.9177Northern DalesAll caveShort description
25Reyfad - Pollnacrom - Polltullybrack6.7193Co. FermanaghAll caveShort description
26White Scar Cave6.5< 60Northern DalesAll cave
27Cullaun Five5.93483Co. ClareAll cave
28Mongo Gill Hole - Stump Cross Caverns5.8< 60Northern DalesAll caveShort description
29The Dark Shamrock Traverse - Pollaloughabo - Pollbehan - Moran's Cave5.669< 60Co. GalwayAll caveShort description
30Coolagh River Cave5.28572Co. ClareAll cave
31Charterhouse Cave5.218228MendipAll cave
32Penyghent Pot5.2196Northern DalesAll caveShort description
33Poulnagree5.2130Co. ClareAll cave
34Giants Hole - Oxlow Caverns5.12211Peak DistrictPart mineShort description
35Shannon Cave - Polltullyard5130Co. FermanaghAll caveShort description
36Bagshawe Cavern575Peak DistrictAll caveShort description
37Dale Barn Cave4.9< 60Northern DalesAll cave
38Upper Flood Swallet4.72136MendipAll caveShort description
39Meregill - Roaring Hole4.6181Northern DalesAll caveShort description
40Magnetometer Pot4.691Northern DalesAll cave
41Knock Fell Caverns4.5< 60Northern DalesAll cave
42Red Moss/Birkwith System4.2< 60Northern DalesAll cave
43Ogof Llyn Parc4110North WalesPart mineShort description
44Miss Graces Lane Swallet472Forest Of DeanAll caveShort description
45Polltoophill - Polldeelin - Small Polldeelin (Poulnacapple)471Co. GalwayAll caveShort description
46Dub Cote Cave4< 60Northern DalesAll cave
47Ogof Llyn Du - Ogof Dydd Braf4< 60North WalesAll caveShort description
48Crag Cave3.81< 60Co. KerryAll caveShort description
49Noon's Hole - Arch Cave3.7108Co. FermanaghAll cave
50Dow Cave - Providence Pot3.7< 60Northern DalesAll caveShort description
51Wookey Hole3.66182MendipAll caveShort description
52Baker's Pit - Reeds3.631< 60DevonAll caveShort description
53Birks Fell Cave3.6142Northern DalesAll cave
54Boreham Cave3.6< 60Northern DalesAll caveShort description
55Fergus River Cave3.6< 60Co. ClareAll cave
56Cullaun Three3.578Co. ClareAll caveShort description
57Gough's Cave3.405115MendipAll caveShort description
58Otter Hole3.352< 60South WalesAll caveShort description
59Cullaun Two3.335< 60Co. ClareAll cave
60Carlswark Cavern3.24361Peak DistrictPart mineShort description
61Fairy Holes3.2< 60Northern DalesAll cave
62Poll-Cahercloggaun West-One3.17< 60Co. ClareAll cave
63Pollaraftra3.1373Co. FermanaghAll cave
64Cullaun One3.1< 60Co. ClareAll cave
65Uamh An Claonaite2.868110AssyntAll caveShort description
66Ibbeth Peril - Upper Hackergill Caves2.803< 60Northern DalesAll caveShort description
67Eastwater Cavern2.8160MendipAll caveShort description
68Cliff Cave2.8< 60Co. ClareAll caveShort description
69Knotlow Cavern2.676Peak DistrictPart mineShort description
70Lathkill Head Cave - Ricklow Cave2.58< 60Peak DistrictAll caveShort description
71Mitchelstown New Cave2.54< 60Co. TipperaryAll caveShort description
72Porth yr Ogof2.53< 60South WalesAll caveShort description
73Boho Caves2.5< 60Co. FermanaghAll caveShort description
74Cloyne Cave2.5< 60Co. CorkAll caveShort description
75Excalibur Pot2.5< 60North YorkAll caveShort description
76Ogof T12.5< 60South WalesAll caveShort description
77Alum Pot System2.454129Northern DalesAll caveShort description
78Aygill Caverns2.438< 60Northern DalesAll caveShort description
79Sleets Gill Cave2.476Northern DalesAll caveShort description
80Hurtle Pot - Jingle Pot System2.3764Northern DalesAll cave
81Gragan West Cave2.255< 60Co. ClareAll cave
82Stoke Lane Slocker2.25< 60MendipAll caveShort description
83Robinsons' Pot2.2< 60Northern DalesAll cave
84Reservoir Hole2.196131MendipAll caveShort description
85Tunnel Cave2.135145South WalesAll caveShort description
86Polldubh2.13< 60Co. ClareAll cave
87Black Keld2.115< 60Northern DalesAll cave
88Pollballiny2.06580Co. ClareAll cave
89Moran's Cave2.055< 60Co. GalwayAll cave
90Ogof Hesp Alyn297North WalesAll caveShort description
91Cliff Force Cave2< 60Northern DalesAll cave
92Poulawillin2< 60Co. ClareAll cave
93GB Cave1.95134MendipAll caveShort description
94Dog Hole - Crystal Cave1.95< 60Northern DalesAll cave
95Poultalloon1.91< 60Co. ClareAll cave
96Aille River Cave1.9< 60Co. MayoAll caveShort description
97Smeltmill Beck Cave1.9< 60Northern DalesAll cave
98P8 (Jackpot)1.870Peak DistrictAll caveShort description
99Blea Gill Cave1.8< 60Northern DalesAll cave
100Poll Cahermacnaghten1.8< 60Co. ClareAll cave
101Devis Hole Mine Caves - South and East Cave Series1.791< 60Northern DalesPart mineShort description
102Joint Hole1.77< 60Northern DalesAll cave
103Ogof Afon Hepste1.76< 60South WalesAll caveShort description
104Doonyvardan Cave1.74< 60Co. ClareAll cave
105Polskeheenarinky1.74< 60Co. TipperaryAll cave
106Llanelly Quarry Pot1.70580South WalesAll caveShort description
107Ayleburn Mine Cave1.7< 60Northern DalesAll cave
108Devis Hole Mine Caves - Central Maze1.7< 60Northern DalesAll cave
109Malham Cove Risings1.7< 60Northern DalesAll caveShort description
110Faunarooska Cave1.6994Co. ClareAll cave
111Great Douk Cave1.676< 60Northern DalesAll cave
112Longwood Swallet1.65175MendipAll caveShort description
113Redhouse Lane Swallet1.615< 60Forest Of DeanAll caveShort description
114Ogof Tarddiad Rhymney1.608< 60South WalesAll caveShort description
115Redmire Pot1.6117Northern DalesAll cave
116Llygad Llwchwr1.6< 60South WalesAll caveShort description
117Mermaid's Hole (Green Holes of Doolin)1.6< 60Co. ClareAll caveShort description
118Spittle Croft Cave1.6< 60Northern DalesAll caveShort description
119Goatchurch Cavern1.53263MendipAll caveShort description
120Tooth Cave1.525< 60South WalesAll caveShort description
121Wigmore Swallet1.52113MendipAll cave
122Long Kin East - Rift Pot1.5113Northern DalesAll cave
123Tullyhona Rising Cave1.565Co. FermanaghAll cave
124Aillwee Cave1.5< 60Co. ClareAll caveShort description
125Allt Nan Uamh Stream Cave1.5< 60AssyntAll caveShort description
126Ogof Cynnes1.5< 60South WalesAll caveShort description
127Pollnagossan (Pollnadossan)1.5< 60Co. CavanAll cave
128Scoska Cave1.5< 60Northern DalesAll cave
129Borrins Moor Cave1.433< 60Northern DalesAll cave
130Thrupe Lane Swallet1.417120MendipAll caveShort description
131Cnoc Nan Uamh1.484AssyntAll caveShort description
132Shatter Cave1.373< 60MendipAll caveShort description
133Eglwys Faen1.34< 60South WalesAll caveShort description
134Blue John Caverns1.32490Peak DistrictPart mine
135Ballyglunin Cave1.3< 60Co. GalwayAll caveShort description
136Tyning's Barrow Swallet1.296132MendipAll cave
137Cave of the Wild Horses1.28570Co. ClareAll caveShort description
138Eglin's Hole1.28< 60Northern DalesAll cave
139Marble Steps Pot1.273131Northern DalesAll cave
140Tatham Wife Hole1.219155Northern DalesAll cave
141Big Sink Cave (or swallet)1.2126Forest Of DeanAll caveShort description
142Pant Mawr Pot1.297South WalesAll caveShort description
143Bown Scar Cave1.2< 60Northern DalesAll cave
144Cherry Tree Hole1.2< 60Northern DalesAll cave
145Hagg Gill Pot1.2< 60Northern DalesAll caveShort description
146White Keld1.2< 60Northern DalesAll cave
147Windegg Mine Caverns1.2< 60Northern DalesAll cave
148Manor Farm Swallet1.17179MendipAll caveShort description
149Fairy Cave - Hillier's Cave - Hillwithy Cave1.17< 60MendipAll caveShort description
150Crescent Pot1.146122Northern DalesAll cave
151Ogof Rhyd Sych1.11< 60South WalesAll caveShort description
152Langstroth Pot1.190Northern DalesAll cave
153Ogof Fawr1.176South WalesAll caveShort description
154Grabbers Cave1.1< 60Northern DalesAll cave
155Hugh's Moss Cave1.1< 60Northern DalesAll cave
156Pridhamsleigh Cavern1.1< 60DevonAll cave
157Water Icicle Close Cavern1.1< 60Peak DistrictPart mineShort description
158Yew Cogar Cave1.1< 60Northern DalesAll cave
159Little Hull Pot1.097110Northern DalesAll cave
160Heron Pot1.097< 60Northern DalesAll caveShort description
161Teampall Shetric (Teampol Shetric)1.0964Co. LeitrimAll cave
162Ogof Pwll Swnd1.07576South WalesAll cave
163Dry Gill Cave1.07< 60Northern DalesAll cave
164Ogof Fechan1.067< 60South WalesAll caveShort description
165Lower Cales Dale Cave1.055< 60Peak DistrictAll cave
166Pikedaw Calamine Caverns1.055< 60Northern DalesPart mineShort description
167Rowter Hole1.044140Peak DistrictPart mineShort description
168Hammer Pot1.03690Northern DalesAll cave
169Creevy Cave1.024< 60Co. MonaghanAll caveShort description
170Ogof Ap Robert1.01590South WalesAll caveShort description
171Lionel's Hole1.006< 60MendipAll cave
172Pollindre (Pollnaindre)182Co. GalwayAll caveShort description
173Ballynallia Cave1< 60Co. KerryAll cave
174Barras End Mine Caverns1< 60Northern DalesAll cave
175Bullock Pot1< 60Co. ClareAll caveShort description
176Carrickbeg Rising Cave (Bunty Pot)1< 60Co. FermanaghAll cave
177Kent's Cavern1< 60DevonAll caveShort description
178Nidd Head North West Rising1< 60Northern DalesAll cave
179Ogof-Yr-Ardd1< 60South WalesAll caveShort description
180Poll-Cahermaan1< 60Co. ClareAll cave
181Skirwith Cave1< 60Northern DalesAll cave
182Tub Hole1< 60Northern DalesAll cave

Total cave length (for caves of 1 km and above): 886.535 km.

If you don't see the cave you want, but you know it should be in the all regions section, remember that this list only shows caves with at least 1 km length of natural passage. Other caves may show up in the list of deepest caves in all regions.

However, if you are looking for a specific cave that does have at least 1 km length of natural passage, and should be listed here, please let me know about it so I can update the database.