Peak District

Longest caves

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RankCave NameLength (km)Vertical Range (m)RegionTypeMore Info
1Peak Cavern - Speedwell Cavern17.75248Peak DistrictPart mineShort description
2Giants Hole - Oxlow Caverns5.12211Peak DistrictPart mineShort description
3Bagshawe Cavern575Peak DistrictAll caveShort description
4Carlswark Cavern3.24361Peak DistrictPart mineShort description
5Knotlow Cavern2.676Peak DistrictPart mineShort description
6Lathkill Head Cave - Ricklow Cave2.58< 60Peak DistrictAll caveShort description
7P8 (Jackpot)1.870Peak DistrictAll caveShort description
8Blue John Caverns1.32490Peak DistrictPart mine
9Water Icicle Close Cavern1.1< 60Peak DistrictPart mineShort description
10Lower Cales Dale Cave1.055< 60Peak DistrictAll cave
11Rowter Hole1.044140Peak DistrictPart mineShort description

Total cave length (for caves of 1 km and above): 42.616 km.

If you don't see the cave you want, but you know it should be in the Peak District section, remember that this list only shows caves with at least 1 km length of natural passage. Other caves may show up in the list of deepest caves in Peak District.

However, if you are looking for a specific cave that does have at least 1 km length of natural passage, and should be listed here, please let me know about it so I can update the database.