Northern Dales

Region details

Long caves:
65 caves are at least 1 km long
Deep caves:
78 caves are at least 60 m deep
Area map:
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Dominated by potholes. Sparsely decorated systems often connect potholes, some of significant length, although many caves are relatively immature, local drainage systems. Many systems contain large passages, but most are well washed streamways. Despite not having many exceptionally long caves, it makes up for it with sheer numbers, having more recorded caves, more separate cave systems, and more total combined cave length (just) than any other region.

The vast majority of the caves lie within the Yorkshire Dales National Park, although a few very important caves are left out, such as The Goyden System in the East and the Three Counties System in the West. Many lesser caves lie further North, and a small few (none long or deep enough to be in this database) are within the Lake District National Park.