Northern Dales caves map

Main caving region

Ibbeth Peril - Upper Hackergill Caves Grabbers Cave Tub Hole Blea Gill Cave Dog Hole - Crystal Cave The Churns Aygill Caverns Three Counties System Kirk Pot Rough Pot Slanting Cave Craftman's Pot Bull Pot Jingling Pot The Mohole Marble Steps Pot Shep Pot Kingsdale Master Cave Heron Pot Spectacle Pot - Vesper Pot Growling Hole Broken Finger Pot Lord's Top Dig Crescent Pot Dry Gill Cave Dale Barn Cave Catamite Hole Joint Hole Sunset Hole Black Shiver Pot Tatham Wife Hole White Scar Cave Skirwith Cave Chanterelle Pot Quaking Pot Hurtle Pot - Jingle Pot System Hardrawkin Pot Great Douk Cave Knacker Trapper Hole Meregill - Roaring Hole Marble Pot Lizard Pot Grange Rigg Pot Trapdoor Pot Long Kin West Pillar Holes Newby Moss Pot Newby Moss Cave Hurnel Moss Pot Car Pot Gaping Gill System Jean Pot P5 Long Kin East - Rift Pot Marble Sink Juniper Gulf Hangman's Hole Nick Pot Borrins Moor Cave Alum Pot System Washfold Pot Red Moss/Birkwith System Penyghent Long Churn Little Hull Pot Sell Gill Holes Hull Pot High Hull Pot Hunt Pot Haytime Hole Penyghent Pot Brackenbottom Pot Dub Cote Cave Dale Head Pot Echo Pot Foul Pot Magnetometer Pot Hammer Pot Coronation Pot Gingling Hole Cherry Tree Hole Yew Cogar Cave Robinsons' Pot Darnbrook Pot Bown Scar Cave Scoska Cave Boreham Cave Spittle Croft Cave Upper Hesleden Cave 2 Out Sleets Beck Pot Snatcher Pot Langstroth Pot Hagg Gill Pot Pasture Gill Pot Strans Gill Pot Scars Hole Birks Fell Cave Redmire Pot The Goyden System Eglin's Hole Nidd Head North West Rising Dow Cave - Providence Pot Black Keld White Keld Lancliffe Pot Mossdale Caverns Sleets Gill Cave Pikedaw Calamine Caverns Kuling Hole Malham Cove Risings Mongo Gill Hole - Stump Cross Caverns View the low resolution map

Low resolution map showing further caves

Ayleburn Mine Cave Hudgill Burn Mine Caverns Fairy Holes Knock Fell Caverns Smeltmill Beck Cave Windegg Mine Caverns Barras End Mine Caverns Cliff Force Cave Devis Hole Mine Caves - Central Maze Devis Hole Mine Caves - South and East Cave Series Hugh's Moss Cave View the main map