Longest caves

Show deepest caves.

RankCave NameLength (km)Vertical Range (m)RegionTypeMore Info
1Baker's Pit - Reeds3.631< 60DevonAll caveShort description
2Pridhamsleigh Cavern1.1< 60DevonAll cave
3Kent's Cavern1< 60DevonAll caveShort description

Total cave length (for caves of 1 km and above): 5.731 km.

If you don't see the cave you want, but you know it should be in the Devon section, remember that this list only shows caves with at least 1 km length of natural passage. Other caves may show up in the list of deepest caves in Devon.

However, if you are looking for a specific cave that does have at least 1 km length of natural passage, and should be listed here, please let me know about it so I can update the database.