Spittle Croft Cave

Cave details

1.6 km
Vertical range:
< 60 m
Northern Dales

Situated in the dry (in dry weather) river bed of the Skirfare 300 m downstram from the Littondale - Stainforth bridleway bridge, the 5 m deep excavated entrance rift drops into a stream passage. Upstream, 1 km of steamway leads to a sump. Beyond the sump, more passage leads to a large chamber. A large stream enters (the main Penyghent Gill Water?) the chamber and exits via a shaft. Upstream and downstream are unexplored.

Downstream from the cave's entrance rift, the passage becomes low and wide. After about 50 m the passage ends at a choke that contains a howling draft.

Spittle Croft Cave has vast potential. The resurgence at Littondale Main Risings drains Boreham Cave, the Potts Beck Cave, Skirfare Main Sink, Penyghent Gill and the moors above Penyghent Gill.

Description by Graham Sumner.