Gough's Cave

Cave details

3.405 km
Vertical range:
115 m

A major showcave that makes up part of the very popular Cheddar Gorge attractions. The early passage is large with many grottoes (most using some amount of fakery), with some large completely natural formations later. A small amount of cave is reserved for (paid) adventure caving. Substantial amounts of the cave are flooded, and accessible only to cave divers, with deep sumps and very little dry passage between them. The survey shows the surface of Sump 3 to be at an altitude of just over 16 metres, and the bottom of the nominally 55 metre deep sump to be at 38 metres below sea level; the second deepest point of any cave in the UK (after Powell's Lode Cavern), and the deepest one that can actually be reached. Access is controlled by the Cheddar Caves & Gorge company, and the survey is available on the UBSS website.