Boho Caves

Cave details

2.5 km
Vertical range:
< 60 m
Co. Fermanagh

Despite its spelling, the name of this cave is pronounced Bo, as if the second half of the name did not exist.

A fascinating cave that serves as a flood overflow for the nearby river. The cave floods pulses regularly with alarming ease, often a long time after rain. Virtually the entire cave sumps when it floods, under a vast quantity of water. Under normal conditions, it has no stream, and remains almost completely dry, apart from a few puddles.

The often large passages are covered with ample flood debris, and create a maze of routes and entrances, with occasional old formations. The rotting debris always shows signs of recent flooding, with fresh debris and scum jammed in the roof - or in places coating it completely. Much of the cave shows fine chert ledges and beds, with many fine crinoid fossils.

Though often used as a novice cave, it has several parts where only experienced cavers are permitted. Some of these are well decorated, and may contain lengthy crawls through rotting flood debris.