Cave details

16 km
Vertical range:
150 m
South Wales

Wales' most famous showcave. This cave is best known by cavers for its sections of river passage, the cold Green Canal and the stunning formations which are abundant in most of the upper level of Dan-Yr-Ogof I and II. The lower levels contain large phreatic passages including one of the best circular passages in Britain, the Bakerloo Straight. The Great North Road is a large inlet passage which heads North for over 1 km passing a few sections of very well decorated passages to reach the immense Far North Choke. The cave has significant sections of passage only accessible to divers but Dan-Yr-Ogof  I, II and III are all accessible to non divers without even the need to pass a sump. Access is controlled by the DyOCAC under the guidance of the Dan-Yr-Ogof showcaves.