Agen Allwedd

Cave details

32.8 km
Vertical range:
160 m
South Wales

One of the most easy of all the long caves in the country. Only a few short crawls are required in the long entrance series, entering several kilometres of large easy walking passage. The cave contains the longest single section of traversable streamway in the country between Turkey Sump 1 and the Third Boulder Choke. The cave has very few formations except in Iles Inlet and the Remembrance Series where arduous flat out crawls reach a section decorated by a few stalactites covered in a fine selection of helictites. The crawls are preceded by over 1 km of low (that means generally crawling or crouching size) Southern Streamway or alternatively the equally arduous main streamway. For descriptions, contact the Chelsea Spelaeological Society or even me. See access information.