Northern Dales

Longest caves

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RankCave NameLength (km)Vertical Range (m)RegionTypeMore Info
1Three Counties System89253Northern DalesAll caveShort description
2Kingsdale Master Cave27165Northern DalesAll caveShort description
3Gaping Gill System16.9197.5Northern DalesAll caveShort description
4Mossdale Caverns10.560Northern DalesAll caveShort description
5Lancliffe Pot9.6116Northern DalesAll cave
6The Goyden System7.1< 60Northern DalesAll caveShort description
7Gingling Hole6.9177Northern DalesAll caveShort description
8White Scar Cave6.5< 60Northern DalesAll cave
9Mongo Gill Hole - Stump Cross Caverns5.8< 60Northern DalesAll caveShort description
10Penyghent Pot5.2196Northern DalesAll caveShort description
11Dale Barn Cave4.9< 60Northern DalesAll cave
12Meregill - Roaring Hole4.6181Northern DalesAll caveShort description
13Magnetometer Pot4.691Northern DalesAll cave
14Knock Fell Caverns4.5< 60Northern DalesAll cave
15Red Moss/Birkwith System4.2< 60Northern DalesAll cave
16Dub Cote Cave4< 60Northern DalesAll cave
17Dow Cave - Providence Pot3.7< 60Northern DalesAll caveShort description
18Birks Fell Cave3.6142Northern DalesAll cave
19Fairy Holes3.2< 60Northern DalesAll cave
20Boreham Cave3.1< 60Northern DalesAll caveShort description
21Ibbeth Peril - Upper Hackergill Caves2.803< 60Northern DalesAll caveShort description
22Alum Pot System2.454129Northern DalesAll caveShort description
23Aygill Caverns2.438< 60Northern DalesAll caveShort description
24Sleets Gill Cave2.476Northern DalesAll caveShort description
25Hurtle Pot - Jingle Pot System2.3764Northern DalesAll cave
26Robinsons' Pot2.2< 60Northern DalesAll cave
27Black Keld2.115< 60Northern DalesAll cave
28Cliff Force Cave2< 60Northern DalesAll cave
29Dog Hole - Crystal Cave1.95< 60Northern DalesAll cave
30Smeltmill Beck Cave1.9< 60Northern DalesAll cave
31Blea Gill Cave1.8< 60Northern DalesAll cave
32Devis Hole Mine Caves - South and East Cave Series1.791< 60Northern DalesPart mineShort description
33Joint Hole1.77< 60Northern DalesAll cave
34Ayleburn Mine Cave1.7< 60Northern DalesAll cave
35Devis Hole Mine Caves - Central Maze1.7< 60Northern DalesAll cave
36Great Douk Cave1.676< 60Northern DalesAll cave
37Redmire Pot1.6117Northern DalesAll cave
38Spittle Croft Cave1.6< 60Northern DalesAll caveShort description
39Long Kin East - Rift Pot1.5113Northern DalesAll cave
40Scoska Cave1.5< 60Northern DalesAll cave
41Borrins Moor Cave1.433108Northern DalesAll cave
42Eglin's Hole1.28< 60Northern DalesAll cave
43Marble Steps Pot1.273131Northern DalesAll cave
44Tatham Wife Hole1.219155Northern DalesAll cave
45Bown Scar Cave1.2< 60Northern DalesAll cave
46Cherry Tree Hole1.2< 60Northern DalesAll cave
47Hagg Gill Pot1.2< 60Northern DalesAll caveShort description
48Windegg Mine Caverns1.2< 60Northern DalesAll cave
49Crescent Pot1.146122Northern DalesAll cave
50Langstroth Pot1.190Northern DalesAll cave
51Grabbers Cave1.1< 60Northern DalesAll cave
52Hugh's Moss Cave1.1< 60Northern DalesAll cave
53Yew Cogar Cave1.1< 60Northern DalesAll cave
54Little Hull Pot1.097110Northern DalesAll cave
55Heron Pot1.097< 60Northern DalesAll caveShort description
56Dry Gill Cave1.07< 60Northern DalesAll cave
57Malham Cove Risings1.055< 60Northern DalesAll caveShort description
58Pikedaw Calamine Caverns1.055< 60Northern DalesPart mineShort description
59Hammer Pot1.03690Northern DalesAll cave
60Barras End Mine Caverns1< 60Northern DalesAll cave
61Nidd Head North West Rising1< 60Northern DalesAll cave
62Skirwith Cave1< 60Northern DalesAll cave
63Tub Hole1< 60Northern DalesAll cave

Total cave length (for caves of 1 km and above): 290.128 km.

If you don't see the cave you want, but you know it should be in the Northern Dales section, remember that this list only shows caves with at least 1 km length of natural passage. Other caves may show up in the list of deepest caves in Northern Dales.

However, if you are looking for a specific cave that does have at least 1 km length of natural passage, and should be listed here, please let me know about it so I can update the database.