Deepest caves

Show longest caves.

RankCave NameLength (km)Vertical Range (m)RegionTypeMore Info
1Charterhouse Cave4.868228MendipAll cave
2Wookey Hole3.66182MendipAll caveShort description
3Longwood Swallet1.65175MendipAll caveShort description
4Swildon's Hole9.41167MendipAll caveShort description
5Manor Farm Swallet1.17162MendipAll caveShort description
6Eastwater Cavern2.8160MendipAll caveShort description
7St. Cuthbert's Swallet6.7145MendipAll caveShort description
8Rhino Rift< 1144MendipAll caveShort description
9GB Cave1.95134MendipAll caveShort description
10Tyning's Barrow Swallet1.28132MendipAll cave
11Reservoir Hole2.196131MendipAll caveShort description
12Upper Flood Swallet4.105129MendipAll caveShort description
13Thrupe Lane Swallet1.417120MendipAll caveShort description
14Wigmore Swallet1.125110MendipAll cave
15Little Crapnell Swallet< 193MendipAll cave
16Gough's Cave2.13590MendipAll caveShort description
17Cuckoo Cleeves< 176MendipAll cave
18Templeton Pot< 175MendipAll caveShort description
19White Pit< 173MendipAll cave
20North Hill Swallet< 170MendipAll cave
21Read's Cavern< 170MendipAll caveShort description
22Twin Titties Swallet< 169MendipAll cave
23Lamb Leer Cavern< 167MendipAll caveShort description
24Waterwheel Swallet< 167MendipAll cave
25Cow Hole< 164MendipAll cave
26Goatchurch Cavern1.53263MendipAll caveShort description
27Sludge Pit Hole< 162MendipAll cave
28Thrupe Swallet< 161MendipAll cave
29Heale Farm Cave< 160MendipAll cave
30Pen Park Hole< 160MendipAll caveShort description
31Rose Cottage Cave< 160MendipAll cave

If you don't see the cave you want, but you know it should be in the Mendip section, remember that this list only shows caves with at least 60 m depth of natural passage. Other caves may show up in the list of longest caves in Mendip.

However, if you are looking for a specific cave that does have at least 60 m depth of natural passage, and should be listed here, please let me know about it so I can update the database.